I certainly can take components from the designs I've done and create a piece more to your liking.  E-mail me and we'll chat.
I am able to switch out the silver and gold wire and make that change for you.  A deposit will be required.
At this time I'm not able to accept any returns.  
Yes by all means.
The Boho and contemporary pieces are all one of a kind, once sold they will be deleted from my site.  
It can take a few days to make another piece.  The porcelain pieces need a day longer as they take more time to tint, hand paint, and cure.  Every bridal piece has detailed patterns, that enables me to create it again.
I have extensive knowledge in this field.   We will chat as often as you like prior to making you, your very own piece, that way you and I can work together till you're happy.  Any custom piece does require a deposit.
The presentation box (if you decide to purchase) comes inside a black shipping box that withstands 150 lbs.  As far as other shipments, every effort is made to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.
Great point!  I have mentioned to clients that because I create the pieces, I'm able to (ie. bridal headpieces) rework them.  I had a bride who had me take apart her headpiece (after her wedding) and create matching necklace and earring sets for her bridesmaids, and gave it to them as a birthday gift.  They loved the gesture, and the jewellry.
All my products are made with the best quality components available in the industry.  Some of my suppliers I've used for over twenty years.  When you click on a product, you will find a detailed description, and what makes up that piece.  Hope this info. was helpful. You can e-mail me if you have any further questions.
Because great care and attention goes into each hand made item, I do ask that you avoid chemical contact ie. perfumes, creams, hair products, etc.  If you have chosen an item that has porcelain details,  I ask that you handle it with great care as they are fragile.  If you should have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.  I will be more than happy to help.